HPS goes out once in a whlie

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Question HPS goes out once in a while

[SIZE=3]My buddies yard light works fairly well most of the time. Although he complains once in a while it goes out, cools down, and then relights. My mothers does the same from time to time. Any ideas on what causes this and how to remedy? Both instances are on the farm, no vehicles pulling into or out of the yard at the time. Thanks for your help fellow sparkies![/SIZE]

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Double check that the lamp that is installed in the fixture is correct model, and does not exceed the max wattage. There is a thermal cutout in the fixture, that seems to be opening the circuit.
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If it's old, it may be a bad ballast.
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If it is only going out on a very intermittent basis, I would expect that it is being caused by a voltage sag in the supply circuit or system. On some older HID ballasts the lamp arc would be extinguished on a voltage sag of less then one cycle. Most newer ballasts will ride through sags of up to about 15 cycles. If it is going off and on on a regular basis, that is a sign of the end of the lamp's life.
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Thanks for the ideas guys! My buddies I am not 100% sure of how often......My Mom's is only once in a blue moon.

Say it is an older ballast problem, can i replace it with a newer ballast? Will the capacitor, and the rest of the components be compatible? I assume they would be. Although I know a lot of times it is cheaper just to get a whole new Yard light. Rather than screwing around. I have never priced a ballast but maybe I'll check into it.

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