Wiring for computer modem

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Question Wiring for computer modem

I have been having trouble with my phone lines and also my dial up up to the internet. I want to run a dedicated line to the room where my computer is. Shoud I use the Cat5 cable for just this one line? Some one told me Cat5 only shields out interference if you have multiple lines through it.

If I only do this room and not the others, will that affect the connection?

If I have too many phones hooked up will that affect the connection? How many are too many phones?

Any help y'all can give me would be appreciated.
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Yes, use cat5 or cat5e all the way from the network interface box to the jack. Keep the cable at least 6 to 12 inches away from electrical wires (don't run it through the same holes), and don't use excessive force when pulling it. Don't fuss too much with making all your connections in a cat5 certified way -- it's not that important for a 56K modem. Leave some slack so you can redo the connectors later if you need to.

The interference you're worried about isn't primarily from other phone connections -- it's from the higher voltage stuff in your house. None of your other concerns are anything to worry about.

You're probably replacing untwisted pair. Cat5 will be a whole lot better.
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I ran the CAT5 cable but my connect speed is not any faster than hooking up to a regular phone jack in another room of my house. Would it be better if I put the standard phone jack connector on the wire and then pluged that into the computer? Are there any tricks to making better connections at the interface bow?
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Boompa, If your connect speed has not changed after installing the CAT5, you may want to check your dial-up configurations, modem or contact your internet service provider and let them know about your connect speed problem. Or, you can post this problem over in the computer forum.

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Another possibility is to call the phone company and have them test your lines. I know a few people who had poor modem connections due to the quality of the signal coming into the house.

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