electrical problem


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electrical problem

here is the set up I have200amp service)main service comes into meter box, down pole under ground up into panal box in garage(200amp),out of box up across ceiling down wall under ground for about 15' up out of ground and laying on concrete pad then up into another panal box in double wide trailer. The problem I am having is if you pull meter off and disconnect the main service wires coming into the box(in garage)and put the meter back in(nothing at all works)but the meter gauge is still spinning real real slow, and with everything still connected and the mains turned off the meter still spins.Why? Should I replace the two boxes and service wires? I already replaced the service wire from meter to first box in garage.Also if I put in new main boxes and wire would that drop my elec. bill down from $300 a month (2people). Electric company has looked at there end and said nothing was wrong with there stuff it was on me..It would help me alot if you can help. Thanx
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At your first main disconnect connected to the wires coming from the meter shut that main breaker off. Wait about 15 minutes with the first main breaker off. Check the meter again and see if the meter is floating or turning. If it is still turning then ask the power company to open you meter and de-energize your service. Then remove and tape off the wires connected in the main breaker in your first disconnect box. Ask the utlity to re-energize your service with the main feeders on the load side disconnected. Wait about 10 minutes and look to see if the meter is still floating or turning. If the meter is still turning or floating then have the utilty company disconnect your load wires connected to that meter and re-install the meter with the load side of that meter disconnected and taped off. Wait about 10 minutes. If the meter is still floating then you have a bad meter. If the meter stops floating the use process of elimination connecting one service panel at a time looking for the meter to start turning with that main breaker in the off position.. If you find the meter to start turning then you may have a leak in one of your underground feeders to earth.

Let us know what you find.

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