electrical heating advice

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electrical heating advice

I am looking for advice on heating a small full bathroom in the basement (5x9). I am using ceramic tile for the flooring and would like to use an electric tile warming system. But in addition I also need to heat the room. I have spoken to a local electrical supply store who suggested both a tile warming system for tile heating and a 2ft baseboard heater(440W) for space heating. They suggested 120V since the space was small, but would 240V be more efficient? However, I felt they were not too familiar with the tile warming system they were selling, since the only knowledge of the product was from a brochure. Should I invest in a tile warming system that would also provide space heating or am I better off going with a separate baseboard heater or in-wall heater to heat the room. I have a forced-air heating system for the house but there is no room in the joists to run the ducts to the bathroom. Any advice, confirmation, or ideas on how this situation should be handled would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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For a warm floor you need to have insulation under the slab or it will be attempting to warm more than you'd like.

It is possible to heat the entire bath with some warm floors. The temperature sensor would be an air type rather than a floor imbeded type. Warm floors are slow to heat up. You'll have to turn it on well before you need to use the room.

You have other choices of toe kick cabinet mounted, wall register style heaters or ceiling heaters including combination of vent/light/heat. Panasonic has a nice combo unit now.

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