What am i doing wrong?

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What am i doing wrong?

I have just finished rewiring a receptacle, to add another receptacle to one side of the room.
The receptacle I branched from, is where the main power for the room starts, and then runs in one direction to all the other receptacles in the room, which all run to the left, around the room.
So, now I want to branch off another receptacle in the other direction, to the right...so i run my wire, install the box, and connect everything.
I bought a 20amp receptacle, as my fuses in my fuse panel are 20 amp, and the receptacle accepts up to 4 connections. so i connect the new receptacle 2 wires, the 2 power lead in wires, and the 2 wires for the run of the rest of the outlets in the room.
When i go and put the fuse in, it pops as soon as it makes contact. Not even a second, and it blows. Happened twice.
What would make the fuse pop like that?
I also want to add, that the house is very old, and the power lead in wires are cloth covered. I have taped them as much as i can, to protect them.
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tell us how you wired the outlets, what color wire to what color screw. That will help alot.
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You have a short (two things touching that should not touch). There's no other way than to look closely for it. Perhaps it happened when you pushed the wires back into the box.
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OK, thank you John, thats what i thought too, but just wanted to make sure .... before i rip open this box yet again,,, ugh
I couldnt think of anything else that would pop a fuse that quick, but im not an electrician, so i wasnt sure.
MT, I have black to brass and white to silver ... and with the really old cloth covered wiring, its kind of a best guess, because they are both black covered. But i marked it when i removed the old receptacle, which was connected where.
Thanks for the help

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