3 Outlets Not Working!!

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3 Outlets Not Working!!

I hope someone can help. I tried to turn on a lamp tonight and it didn't wwork. I changed the bulb but no help. I then plugged it into the next outlet and it didn't work there either but it did work in the next outlet. In the adjoining room of the second outlet that didn't work, that outlet doesn't work either. I checked the circuit breaker and everything was fine. Could it be that these outlets are wired together and if one goes out they all go out? Where do I start? Any suggestions?
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That is indeed possible. Determine which one is closest to the one that does work, and try replacing that one first. That should do it for you. Or, if you really aren't sure which is first in the string, just replace all three. It probably wouldn't be a bad idea, considering that when a receptacle does go it, it's usually due to age, or a frequently used receptacle of poor quality. Remember to turn off the power before attempting any repairs.
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There may be a loose connection in one of these receptacles causing the others to fail. If the receptacles were originally wired by just poking the wires into the holes in the back, it is very possible that a wire may have come loose. When you open up the boxes, make sure the wires are wrapped around the screws on the side. They'll make a much better connection this way.

One other thing to try: you may have just tripped the breaker. Throw the handle as far off as it will go, then back to on. Sometimes a breaker will look like it's on but it's really in the "tripped" position.
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Those outlets also may be tied to a ground fault interrupter outlet that has tripped.
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Thanks Everyone!

Thanks everyone for all your help. I read alot of the posts on here that deal with similar situations. I went outside and found a GFCI that I didn't even know I had! It was tripped but it still didn't resolve my problem. I replaced all three outlets and still nothing. I threw all the breakers and still nothing. On the outlet closest to the one that works, it only had one main wire (black,white and ground) coming in as compared to the other two outlets that were tied together. There was one set of black,white and ground wires that they both shared. Any other ideas?
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Your problem is not necessarily in one of those three outlets. when it was wired the outlets were wired in a daisy-chain fashion (parallel) The problem may very well be in an outlet that still works. The one in the chain just before the first bad one. More than likley it is a bad or loose connection in that plug if it is not a tripped breaker. Good luck and post back to let us know how you make out.
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A question I always ask when called about a problem like yours is:

Has anyone done ANY recent electrical work before this occured? Changed a fixture in another part of the house or in the basement? relaced a switch? What's on the backside of the walls that the dead outlets are on? Do they still work?

Do you have anything to check voltage with?

Let us know what you find

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