flourescent starters

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flourescent starters

I have a flourescent light which only partially lights. Both ends light but not the middle and it is dim. Purchased a new light with same results. Wonder if it may be the starter that needs to be replaced. However, cannot find where the starter is. This is a ceiling mounted fixture in a closet. Four feet long. I do not see the usual cylindrical silver starter on the fixture. There is no visible area where there might be a starter. Might it be hidden within the fixture and thus I need to pull off a panel which is just above the light?
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Modern fluorescent fixtures do not usually use starters. Does the ballast seem sound and not leaking? Yes, you probably do need to pull of the panel to look. If you've already replaced the bulb with no effect, it might be easiest and cheapest to just replace the whole fixture.
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John is right, most 4' light fixtures have rapid start ballast with a starter built into the ballast.

If an older ballast becomes weak you can experience a partially ligt bulb.

I would replace both light bulbs with new bulbs first. Often times a bulb looks fine but is weak. Don't just replace one bulb but replace all bulbs on the fixture.

Second choice is look to see that you have an equipment grounidng conductor grounding the metal frame of that light fixture. The equipment grounidng conductor creates a field that helps the bulbs ignite.

Third check to make sure you don't have one prong of one of the bulbs not in the socket making required connection. This too will cause what you discribe.

Fourth open the case and pull on each wire entering the socket ends. One wire loose not making a good connection will also cause what you discribe.

The above is the least expensive repair activities.

Last choice would be a weak ballast, then just replace the fixture which would be your most expensive activity. I am with John, if you compared a replacement ballast for the old fixture compared to the replacement with a complete new fixture the new fixture would be about the same as a replacement ballast.

Hope this helps


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