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Hot Tub / Jacuzzi GFCI / GFI tripping every time I turn it on now....

Hot Tub / Jacuzzi GFCI / GFI tripping every time I turn it on now....

Old 05-26-02, 03:22 PM
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Hot Tub / Jacuzzi GFCI / GFI tripping every time I turn it on now....

Hi Guys,

You've all been a lot of help in the past, so I thought I'd run this new problem by everybody.

I recently returned from a week vacation, and when I got home it had rained a few times, etc... I think moisture may be the source of my problem, which is why I mention it.


My 220V / 50A cal spa's GFI / GFCI breaker box on the side of the house was tripped. I've had this thing trip a couple times in the past 6 months due to moisture in the air, rain, etc... so figuring it was no big deal, I flipped it back on -- and when it would normally resume functioning fine, now it trips back off after running the pump for about 5 seconds.

I pulled open the GFI pool / spa box, and examined each wire checking for burn marks. I found no sign of burn marks, so I reseated all the wires in the box, and tightened them back up.

I then walked the plastic PVC pipe from my hot tub into my garage and found no breaks in the pipe. No places where any moisture could get into the wiring at all (the PVC is all glued nicely with PVC pipe glue and will not pull apart, and does not show any holes or open spots).

Does anybody have any ideas what I should do to troubleshoot next? I don't think it's a bad GFI because the GFI is only about 6 months old (That's when I bought the hot tub used and hooked up all the wiring). I think that in the future I'm going to have to cover the GFI box with plastic or something to weather proof it better, because I'll bet that water is getting in there somehow... But in the mean time, how do I go about getting my hot tub back online?


Old 05-26-02, 07:51 PM
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I'd start by turning everything off then turning on just the GFI breaker and see what happens if it holds then the problen is farther "downstream" Turn on the pump only then just the heater to isolate the trouble
Old 05-27-02, 07:13 PM
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Good advice!

I did that, and I found there's nothing wrong with my GFI or wiring, the problem was with the hot tub.

So then I went into the hot tub and started unplugging things and plugging them back in one at a time until it broke again....

The problem is the ozonator! When it's plugged in, it's shorting out the system and tripping the gfi for some reason. Not sure why yet, but I'm happy that things are working again, and I'll work on getting the ozonator repaired in the near future so I can be back to 100%
Old 05-28-02, 11:51 AM
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Great diagnosis technique, Start at the beginning, energize one piece at a time. And most important of all diagnosis tricks, never take anything for granted. Prove the circuit screw for screw. Don't know how many times I started at the beginning jumping over the problem taking for granted that would be fine. Then starting over again when I didn't find the problem only to skip that problem area again taking for granted that part was ok or I already checked that. Diagnosis process sometimes drives you carzy. Step by step proceedure and much patience and thinking things out step by step is always the best method.



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