electrical switch/outlet


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Question electrical switch/outlet

I purchased an outlet that has a switch and an outlet but cannot figure out how to wire it. I want the switch to control an independent light and the plug to stay hot independently of the switch can you help me?
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bedazelme, To see if this switch will work you need to your service panel and switch off the circuit breaker that controls light. Next, remove faceplate and switch. What are the wire colors and how many are in that box? Also get yourself a voltage tester. Home Depot carries a non contact voltage detector. #SKU242983 (cost) $11.97 (Brand) A.W.Sperry Instruments Inc.

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switch/plug outlet

thanks, the wires from the lite has 3 wires hot, neutral and ground, and the power wire has the same. the outlet is a leviton witha switch and a grounded outlet. The diagram shows the neutral hot and ground for the light side but only a hot wire on the other side . What happens to the neutral and ground from the power line?
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bedazelme, Are the two white wires tied together, and are the two black wires connected to the brass screws on the switch?

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I'm going to assume the answer to Fred's last question is "yes". It seems probable.

Most switch/receptacle combos have three brass screws and a silver screw. Two of the three brass screws are connected to each other with a brass tab (look on the side of the fixture and it's easy to see).

I'm also going to assume that you have correctly identified which cable is the power cable and which cable goes to the light. Are you sure you did? How?

Connect you power supply black wire to one of the brass screws of the two that are tied together. Connect the two white wires to a white pigtail using a wire nut, and connect the pigtail to the silver screw. Connect the black wire to the light to the brass screw that is not tied to another brass screw. Connect your two grounding wires to a grounding pigtail using a wire nut, and connect the pigtail to the green screw.

If you have misidentified which cable is which, your receptacle will be switched by the switch. But if you have correctly identified the cables, your receptacle will be live even with the switch off.
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just can't thank you enough, it worked great. Sorry it took so long to get back but I went out of town for a while. thanks again your the best!!
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