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Question voltage drop

I have a new window air conditioner (23,000 btu) with a nameplate amps of 13.7. Distance to the a/c is about 100'. When I turn on the a/c it runs just fine. It is drawing 11.6 amps at 206 volts. When the thermostat shuts off the condenser when the desired temperature is reached and then attempts to restart the compressor some time later, it draws 56 amps, rattles the wire feeding the a/c a bit, and then justs kicks out (the breaker holds). I took a voltage reading at the a/c and during start up voltage is 191. It is fed with #12 copper.

Is too low voltage my problem and if so what can I do to bring that up?

Would running #10's solve my problem or is there a problem with the air conditioner?

Whirlpool's technical support told me to return the unit to the store and buy a new one.
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A compressor builds up back pressure that is retained for about 5 minutes after shut down of the compressor causing it to either kick out due to overload or trips the breaker if that compressor restarts within about 5 minutes of being shut off either by thermostat or manually.

It takes about 5 minutes for the back pressure to equalize enough for the compressor to restart normally. If you restart a compressor before the 5 minute waiting period you will experience what you are discribing. This is why you have overloads and overcurrent devices on that a/c unit for when the general public does what they were not told they shouldn't do. Did I say that last sentence right? It was fun anyway.

The above is also true with any cooling equipment including refrigeration units also.

Hope this helps

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