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When we built our house we had our outlets in our bedroom set so the top works with a switch and the bottom is always hot. Is there an easy way to make it so that they are both always hot?

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Yes, it is vary easy to do. Just go to the hardware/diy center and get new outlet. Use a Voltmeter or lamp and see which side (top or bottom) of the outlet is hot. Take those two hot wires and connect to the new outlet and you should be set. If you will notice in the old outlet, there is a center tab that have been broken off between the plugins. The other wires in the box, should ne capped off with wire nuts. If you don't need to switch anymore. I would remove, cap off the wire in the switchbox and put a blank plate over it, to show that it is not used.
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hi HockeyFan,
Bink is right to a poit but left a few steps out. go get your new outlets. with the switch off use the meter or lamp and determin which is hot and which is not. then turn off the power and remove the outlets. cap off the switch leg (ie the wire that is controled by the switch)and tape the wire nut. then place the bare wire on the green screw ,the white wire on the silver screw and the black or read which ever they used as the hot on the gold screw. then remove the switch caping and tapeig off the unused wires and put your blank plate on.
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Hi HockeyFan.

Don't spend time & money.
If you dont want to leave Sw. on all the time, disconnect power, take Sw.out, disconnect wires from it, connect those 2 wires with wire connector, istall unhooked Sw., turn power on & enjoy your hot receptacles.

With hte money what you would spend for new receptacles, buy some candy for needy kids.


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zoltan is correct same result is obtained , i didnt mention this due to the fact that i have run gone out on a dead switch service call and found the exact situation described here

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