Dual Phone Line Install


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I'm installing a new dual telephone jack in
one of my bedrooms. I've run a 6 conductor
(6 wire) phone cord to my new dual modular
phone jack. Will the 6 wire cord be
sufficient to handle both lines, or will I
need to run two seperate 4 wire cords ??
If the 6 wire is suitable, what is the wire
color configuration? Which colors can be jumped to the 2nd jack? Any help would be
greatly appreciated !!
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Hi ericg.

Each ph. needs 2 wires.

Make sure that you are connecting 1 pair to 1 jack & 1 pair to the other jack.

Do not worry abuot colors.

regards Zoltan
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hi ericg,
running the 6 wire phone line is more than sufencent to handel 2 phonelines. it takes only 2 wires for a phone line. the 6 wire s grouped into 3 paires for 3 phonelines. all u need to do is place the same colored pairs on your jack for each phone line. the norm is for line 1 blue and the blue with white stripe, and 4 line 2 the orange and the orange with white stripe. as to hooking up the jack this all depends on which type of jack u bought, but there shuld be directions included with it. good luck and happy newyear

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