240v receptacle installation


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I am replacing an old drop in range with a standard range with plug. The old range was hard wired with one white, one black, and one solid green wire. The new receptacle instructions direct connecting the "neutral (white) wire" to one location and the "other two hot wires" to another location. I'm confused. I know the green wire is not "hot", I imagine it is a hard ground, which seems to be inconsistent with 240v circuits. What readings should I receive?
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hi RBF,
my gess is that the white and the black r your 2 current carrying conductors, and the green was used as the nutural/ground. this was commen in older instulations useing a ground as a nutural. useing a meter place 1 lead on the green and the other on each of the other wires if the white and black both give u 120 then there both hot, if by chance u get a reading of 240 then the green is a current carrying conductor( verry unlikley)from your post, u will also obtain a reading of 240 placeing 1 lead on the white 1 lead and black if they r both hot

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