220 V line for dryer


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I would like to install a 220 V line for my clothes dryer. I'll have to run a PVC tube on the outside of the house to the place where it will enter the wall to the laundry room. But that's not a problem. How do I do what's necessary at the breaker box? How do I make a 220V line from what's there? Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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hi Harry,
ok heres what u need to do to get your 220 in the main breaker box. im assuming that u have spair slots in the panel, go get your self a 30 amp 2 pole breaker of the same make as your other breakers, enough conduit and fittings, 30 amd dryer receptical, enough black or red awg#10 to run threw the conduit 2 times, and green awg#10 1 time . turn off the main breake remove the panel cover, install the 30amp breaker and conduit pull your wires threw the conduit, put the 2 black or red wires under the 30amp breaker, place the green under the ground bar, repalce panel cover, hook up recp. your done.
you may put 5 #10 thhn in a 1/2 pvc conduit but is much easer to get them threw a 3/4 if u have many bends, or the wires twist togeather. i persionally would use 3/4
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Hi sparki.

Where will be the neutral? The receptackle has 4 legs.

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oops your right i left out the nutural, slight over sight on my part ...lol not as easy to put on paper as it is 2 wire them. but on the other hand not all dryers have the 4 prong plug. in case the recept you r wireing is the 4 wire add a white #10 to the circuit.
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Under your original posting using the old three wire hookup, it is the neutral that is needed not the ground or green wire. It must go on the neutral bar in case this is an isolated panel not the ground bar.
This is the reason for the new wiring method of 4 wires so that the ground and neutral are kept separate.
This is also the reason why the old SE cable wiring that had the twisted uncovered strands of wire can no longer be used as a neutral.
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Be sure your neutral is done right.I once had a dryer that wouldn't run because there was a problem with the neutral. A dryer needs the neutral because the heating element and the motor that turns the dryer both require 110v and the heating element doesn't stay energized the whole time the dryer is on. I know this may sound stupid but believe me , I bought another dryer because I didn't know about this. Imagine how I felt when I hooked it up and it wouldn't run.

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