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I am replacing a hallway ceiling fixture. The new fixture came with warnings saying "Risk of Fire - Most Dwellings built before 1985 have supply wire rated 60 (deg) C - consult a qualified Electrician before installing" The new fixture says it requires supply wire rated 90 degs C. My house was built in 1980. How can I determine what the supply wire is rated? Will I need to rewire my house just to be able to use this fixture?
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I am sure Sparky will answer this but thought I would throw out two cents worth. The problem with the ceiling fixtures is that the heat from the bulbs radiates upwards and will cook the insulation on the house wiring in the ceiling box. The insulation gets brittle and will, eventually, break away and leave a path for a short circuit. A quick preventative for this problem is to stop by Radio Shack or some electrical supply house and pick up a couple lengths of "shrink tubing" that will fit around your house wiring. Put a piece of the tubing around each wire in the box and heat it (cigarette lighter works) and shrink it down until it fits tightly. The shrink tubing will not burn and is designed to survive years and years under high heat conditions. It will protect your house wiring from deterioration from the heat radiating from the fixture.

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hello steve S,
the way 2 determin what rating your wire is by looking at the wrighting on it, u may need to getinto the attic and look 2 find it but if i was u i wouldnt wast my time looking 4 it. ill tell u why, we hook up these lights with this warning all the time only time we chainge the wire is whin we find old knob and tube wireing or deteratered wire any time we find romex which is what u will have we just hook them up and we have never had a problem. but if u want u can do as smoky says and will not have a problem.
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Thank Sparky and Smokey. I did call the lighting store where I got the fixture, and they said essentially what Sparky said. The Guy said that the warning was required by the US to be put on all Chinese equipment, but not for US made equipment. He said in China, they use wire gauge and temperature rating to protect against fire and that we use circuit breakers for the same purpose. So I went ahead and installed the fixture. Out of an abundance of worry, I wonder if I should undo it and put in the tubing per Smokey's advice. Unless you or others strongly advise me to do so, however, I will probably just leave it like it is and trust Sparky's and the lighting store guy's opinions. Thanks again
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hi steve, like i said we install them all the time with no problems, and with your house being wired in 1980 i think it would be a waste of your time and money but for your own piece of mind if u want to do take it down and put the heat shrink tubeing on it will not hurt anything, and u will set your mind at ease.

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