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Hi, I am getting a second line in my home for
my computer and sons and need to know how to connect the existing phone jacks so that when the telephone company hooks up service outside my home the new line will work on the jacks that I want it to run on. I was told it would cost $35.00 a jack for the phone company to do it and that it was easy to do myself but they wouldn't tell me how to do it. Any help?
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hi kat,
im not sure if your wanting to make the existing jacks work on just the new line or both, so ill tell u how 2 do both. if all u want is a few of your jacks to work on the new line u have 2 options. option 1 is locate the wires that go to these jacks and disconect them at the old terminal block and hook them 2 the new 1, option 2 run new lines 2 these jacks from new terminal block (sometines u need 2 do this if the jack is feed from another jack), incase u dont know what a terminal block is its a block with screws on it where all your phone lines come into and the phone companeys line also comes in. whin the installer comes to hook up your new line have him show u where it is. if your wanting the jacks to work on both lines u need to replace your existing jacks with 2 line jacks, and hook up 2 of the 4 wires on each line i normaly use red and black as line 1 and green and yellow as line 2. hook your line 2 colors to line 2s terminal block (if the jack u r chainging is feed from another jack that u r not chainging run new line). $35 a jack isnt bad as the phone company here gets $75.

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