2-gang switch box wiring question

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2-gang switch box wiring question

I am doing the rough-in wiring for my basement and I am trying to wire a 2-gang box that will contain two switches. One switch is a 4-way to light the hallway and the second is a 3-way switch to light the game room. The two gang box has four cables:

1) 14/3 running from a 3-way switch coming from the other end of the hallway. These wirers will connect to the 4-way switch *(power from panel runs to the 3-way switch)
2) 14/3 runs to the lights in the hallway
3) 14/3 runs to a 4-way switch in the game room. The wires will connect to the 3-way switch to light the game room.
4) 14/2 connects as a power feed to the closet switch

I originally was going to run the feed from the panel to the 2-gang switch box but realized I needed another switch at the end of the hallway. But since I added the additional switch, I cannot run another cable to provide a feed to the other switches. The box states a maximum of 17 wires. (35 cu.in)

The closet switch under the stairway is also at the max for volume with 3 - 14/2 cables 22.5 cu.in. The closet switch cables are as follows:

1) 14/2 power feed from switch
2) 14/2 runs to light
3) 14/2 runs to receptacle outlet

The run to the receptacle outlet feeds a series of receptacles. The problem here is that the last outlet runs upstairs to the garbage disposal located under the kitchen sink, so I cannot get the main feed to that outlet. (For some reason they ran the garbase disposal off of the basement circuit). If the outlets are wired in parallel, can the main feed go to any one of the outlets in the circuit?

My question is basically how can i get power to the switch box?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you aware that for box fill calculations, you do not need to count each grounding wire individually, but can count all grounding wires as one? It sounds like maybe you didn't take that into account. For example, that closet switch box has room for one more 14/2.

Sounds like your circuit may be overloaded. Have you added up all the power requirements?
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Thanks, that is what I originally thought but the single gang box has stamped 11 - #14 and 22.5 cu. in. (not 22.0) Another cable would be 8 conductors so that stamp of 11 must be including all of the ground wires. Originally I used the method described in the book by Rex Cauldwell and 4 -14/2 comes out to 22.5 exactly. So what is up with the stamp on the boxes, is that conflicting or does it have to be less than 22.5 cu. in.?

As far as the circuit there are 6 lights (3 recessed 60W, 1 wall sconce 150W, 1 incadesant 60W and 1 flouresant 18W)

There are 5 receptacles: 1 to the garbage disposal 480W, 1 in the hallway which will be rarely used and 3 others that have no planned usage but are there for code.

The total is 888W which should be okay. The problem is that they ran the garbage disposal from a series of pull-chain lights that I was removing. This left me with 10 feet of cable to work with. So actually I had to add another receptacle along the wall only 5 feet from another receptacle in order to connect it into the circuit because the cable did not reach the receptacle that was required by code.

The electrician did that also with one of the outlets for the living room. I couldn't understand why that one outlet wasn't wired with the rest of the living room outlets. That one I wired to the bedroom circuit. Again I only had about 10 feet of cable to work with and didn't have many options.

Thanks again

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