Converting 2-swtiches for a dual-switch AND outlets


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Two switches side by side. Each with its own circuit breaker. One installed 25 years after the other.

Left switch runs kitchen light
right switch run Garbage disposer

Want to install:

In left box--a dual switch top switch to run lights--bottom switch to run Garbage Disp.

In right box (where garbage disp. switch was located) an outlet.

left box----white wire and black wire
right box 2 black and two whites and two bare wires. the whites are twisted together as are the bare wires and the two black where hooked to the garbage disp.

Help!! What to do!!!!

s. collins
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The single pole light switch will do you no good. This is a dead end switch. Meaning, it is power in to switch, power out to light. The neutral you need is up at the light.
Now, for the disposal, you can pigtail the neutral and the the hot leg from the hot lead of the disposal. One of the black wires is the switch leg back to the disposal.
Under normal circumstances of wiring new, your disposal should be a delegated curcuit which it apparently is now. You might have problems if you are running something else on a circuit that has a moter, first of all, and that can easily overload, since I am assuming this outlet is a counter top kitchen circuit.
Running a rotessarie, coffee pot, electric grill, etc at the same time running the disposal.
Just keep that in mind.
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hi collinsclan,
what u r wanting to do can be done but is a code violation, since it is a motor circuit. i advise agnest doing it because as david stated u can easly overload the disposer circuit use your best judgement. here is what u need to do to get the results u want. u need to get a piece of romex between the 2 boxes (im asuming that they r seperat boxes from the way u put it in your post)
in the right box u need to connect the white of the piece of romex to the hot black, and pigtail it with a black(pigtale is a piece of wire around 7" long wirenuted on 1 end toanother wire and free on other end), then connect the black of the romex to the switch leg black, then pigtail the white wires with white(nutural),then connect the bare to the other bares and pigtail. your 3 pig tails will be what u use to connect your recep with connect the white pig tail to the silver screw and the black pigtail to the gold, and bare to the green.
in the left box connect the black and white from the light to the top switch, and the black and white from the disposer to the bottom switch, and the bare to the green screw if present.
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hi collinsclan,
had an after thought on this but its still a code violation, and possability of an overload still exists. you could leave the left switch as is and get simuler results only useing the right only diference would be is that u would only have 1 place to plug into instead of 2. get your self a switch/outlet(switch on top and outlet on bottom). pigtail the nutural and ground. hook the hot to the common the directions will tell which screw this is, the white to the silver screw of the outlet and the switch leg to the other screw on the switch.

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