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i wish to add, in the following order, a switch for an overhead light, and two outlets for my workbench. I would like to have the switch and one outlet together in the same junction box, with the switch first. How do i wire the above?
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hi raineybill,
ok heres what u will need to do.
bring in a romex for power into the box 4 the switch and recep (power). take another piece of romex out 2 the light (switchleg), take another piece of romex out to your other recep (power) hook the folowing together 2 black powers with 2 pigtails(power) (a piece of wire around 7" long wirenuted on 1 end with other end free) all the white wires with 1 pigtail(nutural), and all the bares with 2 pigtails. now how to hook up the switch place black switch leg 2 1 screw on the switch and 1 power pigtail to other, and 1 bare pigtail to the green screw if present. on the recep hook other power pigtail to the gold screw and nutural pigtail to the silver, and other bare pigtail to the green screw. in your other recep hook it up the same way black to gold and white 2 silver bare 2 green. in your light box hook up your light black 2 black and white 2 white and bare 2 green.
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There is nothing wrong with the way Sprky described your wiring. It is cost efficient to do it that way, but may not be practical.
I do not recommend putting a lighting circuit with a power outlet that is going to be a workshop.
Your lights will blink everytime you turn on a saw or any power tool.
Secondly, if you happen to lock a power saw up and don't turn it off in time it will trip the breaker.
If you happen to be working nights as I do in my garage, then you will be in the dark. This may not matter much, but it always helps to have a little light to see your way back to the panel.
Just a matter of convenience.

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