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Question 220v - Different Question

OK, so I have no problem with 110v stuff. Have run a new circuit in my house, done several ceiling fans throughout the neighborhood, etc. so now my neighbors think that I am some kind of electrical expert....???

My neighbor is purchasing a Jacuzzi for his back yard and has asked me a couple of questions that I hope you could help me with.

First, he wants to use 220v because it's easier on the pump motor, so his first question is can he utilize the 220v that is already in the backyard for the A/C unit or should he have a dedicated circuit? I assume he probably needs a dedicated circuit for the A/C??

Second, if we run a new circuit (and pardon the total novice question here), how do I get a 220v circuit from the panel? Is it merely a factor of the wire guage, breaker, and outlet?

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The outdoor spa requires its own dedicated circuit, do not tap off of the AC.
220 is procured by using 2 poles off the breaker box instead of the 1 you are used to using, hence the name "2 pole breaker".
It uses both A and B phases that are supplied by the utility.

Any kind of spa,whirlpool,jacuzzi,hottub or swimming pool has a great amount of code issues involved and liability. This is not the project for a novice and is a bit more complicated than a ceiling fan.(Not being mean, I applaude you courage and wanting to learn, but the risk factor here is too great to chance).

If you insist, buy a few DIY electrical books AND a 2002 code book and read, read read.
Then post back for questions if you must do this yourself, at least you know to ask here for questions and see that it gets done right.
The books will tell you all about wire gauges and GFI breakers and grounding.
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Thanks for the reply. That is kind of what I figured. I wasn't quite sure how we were going to get the wire there in the first place! :-)

I might still check out the DIY books though, thanks for the info! I would like to learn a lot more about electrical!!

Thanks again,


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