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I'm trying to create a home network and need to run a cable from the third floor to a room right below it on the second floor. (I have to connect the 3rd floor PC to a cable modem on the second floor.) I don't have any blue prints for either floor and to make it really interesting, I'm a neophyte DIYer. Any suggestions or hints on how to get this done without trying to hire someone to do this simple job?
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hi jwgrin,
since this is a computer cabel & not electrical wireing u could just drill a hole threw the floor & celling to the room below if u dont mind haveing exposed cabel, if the exposed cabel is a problem 4 u then u have 2 options. 1. put up a piece of wiremold down the wall and run your cabel threw this.
2. cut a hole in the wall close to the celling bigenough 4 u 2 get a drill in and drill threw the plate to the next floor, and fish your cabel threw the wall.
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Thanks for the sugggestions.
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You can do this without making any holes in the wall except those where the cable will enter and exit.
It does require a special drill bit, but can also be done with a reguler bit on and extension.
Here is how:
You will have a hole in the wall, size of an electrical box which becomes the opening for your cable on the third floor. this opeining is about 12 inches from the floor. With a flexible bit, you can drill the plate between the floor. This will be a double plate at the very least on the top sill of second floor. Only a single plate on the base of wall on third floor with about 12 inches either for your floor joists or trusses.
Then cut a hole in the wall on the second floor 12 inches from the floor where the cable outlet will be.
Then drop a small chain from the third floor and hook the wire to it from the second floor hole and put it up, You have then connection between the floors. Keep in mind these holes must be precisely in line with each other and the only question remaining is that the each floor has the wall joist inline with each other.
If this a real worry, then don't cut the hole on the second floor until you have dropped the chain down the opening and can "rattle" it around so you can determine which space to cut your hole on the second floor.
go for it!!

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