Dead plug circuit with a GFCI plug


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I have a kitchen plug circuit that is dead. Currently the only appliance connected is a portable TV. The TV works fine on other plugs. There is one GFCI plug on the circuit, it appears to be in working order (test and reset buttons act normal). When I checked the breaker, it was set to "on". I have switched it off and back on several times. It does not pop back off, but stays in the on position as normal. I have reset the GFCI several times. No luck. Until this is resolved, I have set the breaker to off. Any ideas?
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If the gfci is the first plug on the circuit, then all plugs beyond it will be ground-faulted in the same circuit. If the breaker isn't tripped, and the gfci plug test/reset button seems to be o.k., then you may have a faulty gfci plug. You can get a gfci plug-in tester to verify it, or just replace the gfci, and see if that doesn't solve the problem.
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From your information I must assume this is also a dedicated circuit. No other outlets exists on this line.
If this be the case, just to make sure you do have a faulty GFI, take the outlet out of the wall, do not need to disconnect, but check the leads coming into the GFI to see if you have current at that point. If you do, you have a faulty GFI.
If you don't, you may have a faulty breaker. With the handle in the on positon check to screw terminal on the breaker, If you are getting a 120 voltage to either ground or neutral, your breaker is OK.
If OK, and this is a dedicated circuit, you have a loose connection somewhere in a junction box, again assuming that there were junctions, pull boxes, or some joints made in this circuit.
If none of these scenerios is the solution, you will need to replace the circuit wire. You might have an inline break for whatever reason.
Good luck.
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Thanks for the advice!
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The GFI plug was bad. Thankyou to OldGuy and David for your expert advice.

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