Bad breaker?


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I have two circuits down. One has several outlets, the other is dedicated to the washing machine. In the box both of these circuits have their switches (20 amp) contained in one "unit". Resetting each breaker switch to off and back on does not bring either of the circuits back online. Do you think the breaker is bad, and what is the procedure for replacing a breaker?
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hi shorty,
yes the breaker could be bad. u need to test the breaker to be sure its bad, the way to do this is remove the frunt cover of panel put 1 lead of a meter on the screw thats on the breaker and other lead of meter on the ground bar or nutural bar......if u get 120 volts then breakers good if not repalice it. way u replaice a breaker is u need to shut off the main breaker in panel, disconect the wires that go to the breaker pull out the breaker put in new breaker connect wires back up turn main back on. if the breakes bad u courentily have a 2 pole breaker, if 1 wire is red and other is black replace it with a 2 pole, if not put in 2 single pole breakers.
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Thanks, sprky. If the breaker is indeed bad, what could have caused it to fail?
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I bought a tester, and the breaker tested ok (120 volts on both the single pole switches on the breaker). The circuit with the outlets has one GFI plug. The GFI plug registered a very low voltage. I replaced it and now everything is fine. I did not know that a bad GFI plug on one circuit would affect the other circuit (the washing machine is dedicated on the other circuit). I guess the two circuits are "connected" within the breaker cartridge, though they have separate switches. Right?
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hi shorty,
no what is going on here is both circuits shair a common nutural (white wire) and unless i miss my gess 1 wire on the breaker is red and other is black, thats why the gfi took out both circuits it broke the nutural connection...........hope u tryed resetting the gfi befor replaceing it

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