Bent Mast

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Bent Mast

Last night, a tree fell on power lines supplying power to a house that I own (but don't really live in). It pulled the meter from the wall of the house and bent the mast. The power was not out in the house until the power company disconnected it, everything worked fine. The power company says I have to get a hold of an electrician. I have some questions.
1) Can an electrician make the repairs without having access to the house?
2) Can a non-electrician make the repairs?
3) I am under the understanding that if a house does not have electricity, it is condemned. If this is the case, how long do I have to get the repairs done?
4) If you have any other comments that I might find helpful???
Thanks for your help
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wombatcat, If the service feeders going into the house were ran in conduit and the conduit was damaged (bent, cracked or broken) then he'll need access to the service panel to replace the damaged conduit. If service feeder is a cable and that cable is not damaged then he can do the job without going inside the house.

A non-electrician can do the job if he knows what he is doing and is going to do it right. If the line crew returns after the works is completed to re-connect and finds a problem with the work they will not re-connect. They can also request a city inspection on that job before they re-connect. Which leads back the first question. Electrician, permit and city inspection.

Third question: Is this something that power company told you or did the city tell you this?

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Hi Fred,
Thanks for your reply--my husband rewired our current home, so I am thinking that he might be able to do the work?
What is the service feeder? If the power worked in the house then can I assume that the service feeder wasn't damaged?
I am sure my husband knows all this already but I don't want him working on it if he shouldn't be....
As far as the condemnation, I think someone I knew a long time ago, whose elec. got disconnected for nonpayment told me that the house was condemned because no elec.--but I don't know who to call and don't want to alert the wrong people I was just hoping someone could tell me if I had a week or two to take care of this or if I am in deep doo-doo unless I get it done asap
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wombatcat, Your service feeder are the wires that utility connect to, run inside the riser(mast) down to the inside of the meter can, out the bottom of the meter can to the service panel main circuit breaker.

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Unless your house is in a dangerous condition then you have no fear of alerting the wrong people. Those people you are fearing are the right people to be contacting.

If you have a Code Enforcment division in your jurisdiction that has authority in your location then the government almost certainly will have a local ordinance forbidding any power company from energizing any structure without that Code enforcment division issuing an inspection approval and authorization for that power company to re-enegize that structure. If you have a Code enforcment division in your area You won't have a choice but to contact that Code enforcment division to get the power reconnected to your structure.

If you second home is in the same jurisdiction as your home that your husband rewired and if he did it legally then he must be approved to do the work in that jurisdiction.

Many jurisdictions require electrical licensing to do any work. Some jurisdictions requrie electrical licensing only for those who do the work for hire. Some jurisdictions allow any home owners to perform electrical work on their own home. Some jurisdictions don't care one way or another.

Only person that can answer local jurisdictional rules are those public officials you fear contacting or an electrician in that same jurisdiction that will want to do the job for you.

I suggest you look in your local phone book under the county or province you live for any listing such as electrcial inspector, Code Enforcment, Building official. If you find none of those listed look for your local governmental executive office such in my area being the County Commissioners office. You should be able to call them and ask about local rules of re-energizing storm damaged electrical without giving a name or address. You should be able to obtain your answers from those who enforce your local rules without saying who or where you are.

Remember to cheat and bypass rules just like speeding can be very expensive if caught. Then on top of that you are dealing with electricity which is a lethal product that can cause great property damage or even injury or loss of life.

YOu local Code Enforcement is supposed to be there to help and protect you from your lack of knowledge not hurt you. Try them you might like them.

All you have to lose if fear of the unknown, just call without giving name and address and ask what you need to know.

Let us know what you find


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