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Guess I wasn't clear on situation at hand. I have one light switch at top of stairs. Is now a single pole switch, but has three way wire going from it to fixture. White on each end of wire not presently being used. Think they just used three way wire for future planning. Would like to make it three way and add a switch at bottom of stairs. The power comes to the light fixture. The entire basement lighting consists of 8 lights on one circuit starting at pannel box with two wire feed plus ground. Then going to next light and so on and so forth joining all lights. All lights currently have pull chains on them except two. These two are operated by single pole switch at present. Thanks for the reply hope this gives you an idea of my situation.
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hello Steve,
ok here is what u need to do to get yourself on a 3way.
in the light box on the existing 3 wire cabel going 2 existing switch disconect all the wires connect the red to the hot and leave the black and white disconected 4 now. in the existing switch box connect the red to the odd colored screw on your 3 way connect the white and the black 2 the other 2 screws. now u need to pull some new wire to the switch box u added at bottom of stairs, u will need 3 wire cabel of the same size thats there now, (if circuit is on a 20 amp breaker it will be #12 and if on a 15 amp #14). from the light box take this new wire to the new switch box. in the light box connect the white of new 2 white of existing, black of new 2 black of existing, and red of new 2 the light (usually a black wire). in the new switch box connect the wires just as u did in existing switch box.

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Ok, that does clearify it a little. Do what sprky outlined but you still need the second part, the sinlge light on a single fixture.
All you need to do, is at the light that you want to switch only, disconnect the hot to that fixture. Now run a 2-wire, which will make it a deadend switch, to that new switch box at base of stairs. Put both wires on the switch, ground appropriately.
Then, back at the light fixture, wirenut the hot lead to the white wire you just installed. and wirenut the black you just installed to the black of the light fixture.

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