2-prong adapter to 3-prong power bar?

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I've just moved to an older basement apartment and found it sorely lacking in electrical outlets.

After getting my furniture all arranged by my movers (bad back, so I can't do it myself) I discovered that the outlet where my computer was to be set up is only a 2-prong. In desperation (having a freelance job due) I used a 3-outlet adapter which had a broken-off grounding prong, and plugged my surge-protecter power bar into that.

I have a hunch that I've cancelled out the surge protection factor, but also that this set-up could be dangerous.

The outlet is very close to the fusebox, but I have no idea how to pull in a grounding wire. Any ideas, short of calling an electrician which I think my landlady won't go for, or rearranging my furniture (which would be difficult and unsuitable, or running extension cords all over my livingroom?


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Cori, you're right. Your ungrounded surge protection is no protection at all, and depending on what's plugged into this outlet, it could be a shock hazard. The only safe way to fix this is to run a new 12/2 w/ground wire from the fuse box to a new grounded outlet. Why don't you see if your landlord will split the cost (get a quote from an electrician), and let a pro fix it? How much is your computer worth if it gets fried? This shouldn't cost that much, and it would be worth it to you, even if you pay for it yourself.
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Thanks, you've confirmed my fears, but it's better to know than be in denial (and possibly invalidate my contents insurance).

I have already switched the computer stuff over to a long, sturdy extension cord into which I've plugged my surge protector power-bar. Unfortunately, the only outlet in the whole living/kitchen area which is grounded, already has the fridge, stove, microwave, toaster oven and numerous small appliances plugged into it. I'm amazed I haven't blown any fuses.

It's time to have a talk with my landlady.


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