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We have recently moved from a 3 yr old home in Ohio to a ten yr old home in Florida. The home in Ohio had a four hole recepticale in the wall for the washer/dryer unit. The home in Florida has a 3 hole recepticale. I was told at the hardware store that the code has been upgraded to the four hole type.
Can the three hole type be replaced by the four hole by adding a ground to the receptacle box? Is there information on the wire placement for the new receptacle?
Thank you
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hello bb,
yes the code has been updated to a 4 wire 220 for dryers this was done in the event the power is comeing from an isolated panel(nutural and ground not bonded). u shuld still be abel 2 buy a 3 wire pig tail at a hardwear store what u need to do is bond the green (ground also attached to the frame) to the nutural in the dryer (install a jumper between the 2 screws normally the midel 2) and install the 3 wire pigtail 2 outside wires to the hots and the midel wire to the nutural, this is legal here where i am at since this is going into an existing situation, u need 2 check with your local building authority befor doing so.

if u need to chainge it 2 a 4 wire new wire will have 2 be pulled in consisting of 10/3 with a ground. in the panel u would hook the black and the red to the breaker white to the nutural bar and the bare to the ground bar, in the recep u would hook the red and the black 2 the hots normaly marked on recep or gold in color, white to the nutural again marked or silver in color and bare to the ground again marked or green in color.
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The four wires on a 220 volt circuit are: 1. two phases which are 220 betwen them and are usually black in color (or red)and are used for the dryer elements, 2. a white neutral to provide 110 volts for the control circuits, and 3. a green ground.
You may be able to install a four prong receptacle if the three wires in the exisitng outlet are two hots and a neutral. And if your receptacle is metal and has metal conduit back to the power panel then you simply do as you suggested - buy a four prong receptacle and jumper a ground to to the conduit box. If the exisitng outlet has two hots and ground (which some of the old circuits do, and there is metal conduit back to your power panel, then you must convert your green wire to a neutral, and then placing a grounding jumper from your new receptacle to your conduit box. You can convert your green ground wire to a nuetral by placing white tape on each end and relocating it to the nuetral bar in the power panel. Good luck.

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Thank you Hal and Sprky. The info has been extremely helpful. This is an awesome site!!

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