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Ok what I have is a VERY old home with a 220 dryer outlet that I want to convert to basically 2 x 110. I want to put a heavy duty set of outlets above my work bench.

I have one [Thick] Black conductor; One [Thick] Red conductor and one braided silver wire I assume is the ground. Were the wire goes inside the wall I am unsure...But I did find the breaker and shut it off for now???

Any Advice will be very appreciated!!!
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You really need a neutral there to have to
110 recptacles, but may be doable by a knowlegable electrician.
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Gary thanks when you are used to low voltage CPU's this sort of makes the hair on the back of your head stand straight up!!!

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What you want to do is doable. However, call an electrician to do it for you.
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hi Obiwan,
yes what u want to do is verry doable. but oldguy gave u some sound advise on calling your local electrician.
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I had a similar question. We are doing a kitchen remodel and currently have two 220V lines. One for a built in oven and one for a cooktop. e are taking both of these out and outting in a gas range.

What I planned on doing is going back to the fuse box and pull the main bus, then pull the (2) 220V bus circuits and the 10 gage wire and replace the bus connectors with (4) 15 amp 12 or 14 gage lines to do the following:

1. 15 amp dedicated line for a dishwasher
2. 15 amp dedicated line for a disposal
3. 15 amp dedicated line for the gas range
4. 15 amp dedicated line for a spacesaver microwave.

I dont plan on reusing the 10 gage or other 220v parts but I want to make sure this is kosher.
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looks good 2 me.
whin u r removeing the #10 and the breakers what u r doig isnt quite the same as splitting the 220 up and makeing 2 circuits. if u r going to use 15 amp breakers use #14 romex its cheaper and id sugest putting in a 20 amp 4 the microwave and that requires #12.
check with your local building authority 2 be sure that they will allow u to use #14 in a kitchen. here we can on the dishwasher disposer, and gas range outlets, since these r not small applince circuits.

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