Adding a dedicated circuit.


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My house was built in 1929 (stucco bungalow)and the electrical service upgraded in 1989 to circuit breakers. My home office is currently on a shared 20 amp circuit. I would like to change this to a dedicated 20 amp circuit for the outlets only. I have room in my breaker box to add a 20 amp circuit and given the location of it, it would be more practical to run the wiring via the crawl space under the house.
All thoughts on how to plan and execute this appreciated!
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To install new 20 amp breaker, turn off main breaker (remember that both legs are still hot above it=DON'T touch, & in fact test all else before touching), run new 12/2 w/ground to panel, hook black wire (hot) to new breaker, and white (neutral) and bare (ground)to bars. Just look at where the rest of them are, you'll see. Run new wire under house and loop up to where you want your new outlets. Cut holes in wall and install outlet boxes (ask dealer for correct type). Black wire goes to brass screw, white wire to silver screw, bare goes to green (ground)on outlets. If you are going to try to use existing outlets, you need to determine how they are fed from the shared circuit, and disconnect them from existing circuit. Depending on how they are lined up in the shared circuit, you may be able to just hook your new breaker/12-2 to the first outlet in them to feed your separate dedicated circuit, unless you're putting in new outlets.. By the way, 20- amp outlet circuits are supposed to be separate. What is shared on the rest of the circuit, lights or another room?
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looks like oldguy filled u in well.

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