Is outlet safe if covered by bed clothes?


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I have only two outlets in my bedroom, and one of them is right at the foot of my bed, just inches from the actual bed. When the duvet is on the bed, it touches the outlet. I find I'm afraid to use this outlet in case a spark might catch the duvet on fire.

Am I being unreasonable, or is this a legitimate fear.

If this outlet is in an unsafe position (and it's impossible to move the bed because of the layout of this very small room) would it be a very difficult job to reverse it into the bathroom (which has no outlet and is directly behind this bedroom wall)? There is about 8 inches of hollow wall there where the bathroom pipes are, but other than that, it would be a direct move.

Thanks in advanced,

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You shouldn't have sparks from a good outlet, but just for extra safety..whether you plug any plugs in or not...cover the outlet holes or plugged -in- plugs with electrical tape. That would be a lot easier than trying to relocate the outlet.
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Thanks, I'll feel much safer doing that. Although I'd really like to reverse the outlet into the bathroom. I'm finding it very frustrating not having an outlet in there. Can't use my blow dryer or even put in a nightlight for night-time trips to the john.
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Oldguy is right, but instead of tape, get a couple of child-proof outlet covers. They're just little plastic covers that fit nicely in place and are real cheap. Most places like Lowe's and even grocery stores have them.


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