220 circuit for my compressor


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What do i need to run a 220 circuit to my compressor? outlet, wire(ga.?) to go 2 feet from the box?
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hello todd,
your wire size will be determined by the size of the motor on compresser, let me know what size motor u have and ill tell u what size breaker and wire size u need.
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2hp compressor-12.5 amp 230 volt motor. i've purchased a 30amp 2 pull ge cb, 10-2 wire. My new q's are: 1) the quick connect i have needs 3 wires- the directions state green/bare wire to green screw- black to brass screw and gray or white to opposite side screw. Now what is the gnd/bare wire considered? Is the bare wire (gnd) connecting in the box as a white and the cb has two connections which i assume is to be the white acting as a black and the other black as hot as well? Thanks.
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hello drtodd,
the wire and breaker u bought will do u just fine they both r within the code 4 your motor. im assuming that your motor has an internial overload protector
heres how u need 2 wire this up.
1. turn off main breaker(lugs of breaker will still be hot)
2. remove panel cover.
3. install new breaker
4. connect the black and white of the #10 to new breaker
5. connect the bare of the #10 to the ground bar in panel
6. connect the bare of #10 to green screw on quick connect
7. connect black of #10 to brass screw on quick connect
8. connect white of #10 to other screw on quick connect
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A 20A breaker with 12/2 wire would be good enough, 15 might do it, but would be pushing it.
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a 15 amp will not work at all it is beyond the limets of the code. a 20 amp breaker and #12 wire is the min required and a 30 with #10 is the max accourding to the code.
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Sparky is right on the money. There is a difference between start surge and run current. Initial start on the motor will show a current spike of about 1.5 times the actual run current on that motor. #12AWG and 20 amps is as close as you could come. I am more comfortable with the #10AWG and 30 Amp installation.

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220 compressor outlet

I am doing the same thing but i ran 10-3 with a ground. one black one white one red and one green. the outlet i got says to put the green to the ground screw, and the 2 blacks on the brass screws. I dont have 2 blacks. maybe you guys can help me here, what should it look like in the panel?
right now, i have the red and the black on each of the brkr. screws and the white and ground on the ground bar. i figure i didnt need to run 10-3 so now what??? help! oh yeah I used a 30 amp 220 breaker. the outlet i have is 20 amp 240 v.
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If the compressor requires a 20 amp receptacle it likely requires a 20 amp breaker.

You don't need a neutral, so cap the white wire either at each end or just at the receptacle end.

The red and black wire are the hot wires. They connect to the two brass screws of the receptacle.
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Compressor outlet

Thanks for the Info. I wired it today and I didnt burn the garage down!!!. Building inspector gave it the thumbs up too. thank you for helping!
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If you used a 20A receptical, you need to swap that breaker for a 20A breaker. A 20A receptical can ONLY be used on a 20A circuit. See NEC 210.21(B)(3).

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