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Lihgt bulbs are blowing aroung the house are frequeny intervals beyond the norm. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I have an RCD fitted and sometimes it trips when a bulb goes but not all the time. Can there be a wiring problem? Please send suggestions. Thanks.

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hello daniel,
there r several things that can cause this, around my house i was replacing some bulbs as often as every 2 weeks, i corrected this problem by useing rough surface bulbs but this was due to kids rough houseing in the house and the vibrations were breking the filaments. another cause can be a bad sockets, or loose connections, these r the most common causes
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Sparky is dead on (as usual). In older fixtures, the problem is usually sockets that are starting to crystalize from heat. This causes a leakage path to ground. The bulb will see this extra leakage to ground in the form of increased current through the filament. Increased current is increased watts and heat. The filament will act as a fuse and "blow out". Either replace the fixture or replace the socket to make the problem go away. Other alternative is to take out a loan so you can afford to keep GE in the light bulb business.


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