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I am adding two recessed light units to my bathroom. Presently the bathroom circuit is on a 15 amp line. Besides the one bathroom light and one outlet, there are six ceiling lights connected to the circuit. The wiring in the bathroom is as follows. From the switch comes a three wire cable with ground. The red lead is connected to the black side of the fixture and the white lead is piggytailed with the fixture and an out going lead as is the black lead. How do I connect the two recessed fixtures with one containing an outgoing two wire cable. Please note I am new at this and think I might be able to follow the diagrams submitted.
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hello brownie,
what u need to do is connect the 2 lights together useing #14/2 romex black to black of light and whit to white of light then connect the black of the light closest to the existing light to the black of the light, and the white to the whites and the bares together.
if u need a sketch email me and ill fix u up
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Good advice, Sparky. One other suggestion I would make, though. Change the switch to a good dimmer. Reason? If you have kids, you can dim the light down at night for a night light when they "have to go". Second reason is for Dad and Mom that "have to go" at night. No one wants to stumble into the bathroom half asleep and get blasted with 180 watts of light. We put dimmers in all the bathroom installations and the customers love it!


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