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i have three light fixtures that have two switches that work them and a breaker in the breaker box.the breaker is on but the lights wont work at all,i assume that since there are 3 fixture all of them couldnt have gone bad leaving either the breaker or one of the switches please help,im a doorman not an elictrician thank you
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I'm not an electrician either, but it sounds like your breaker is gone. Sprky can tell you how to test it and replace it, if necessary.
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hello jobe,
more then likley u have 1 of 2 problems.
1 a bad breaker as oldguy said or a bad switch.
the way to test and c if its the breaker is get a voltage meter and place 1 leg on the screw of the breaker(1 where the wire is attached), and other to the nutural bar or the ground bar, if u get a reading of 108 to 120 the breaker is good, if not repalice the breaker. if breaker is good pull your 2 3way switches and repalice them hook them up 1 at a time placeing the wires in same position as the old 1's. reasion i say replaice both is more then likley the other is going bad as well.
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i want to thank you sprky,and old guy.i appreciate your help very much

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