wiring 2 circuits to 1 switch


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can anyone tell me if it is possible/advisable to wire two circuits to one wall switch; i.e., i have a lit medicine cabinet and a vanity strip that i would like to control with one switch. can i just connect the respective wires from those two sources, then just run a third wire from that connection to the switch?...is this safe?
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Make sure that all connections are either inside the fixture bases or a covered electrical box secured in wall, ends twisted and then wirenutted tightly. Black to black (hot), white to white (neutral) and bare/green to bare/green (ground). Black goes to brass- colored screw on switch, white to silver- colored screw, ground to green screw. Should be fine. If you have any questions, ask Sprky.
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hello dave,
u can do as oldguy stated only if they r on the same breaker, and im not sure they r from the info in your post. if they r controled by 2 diferent breakers u can still control 2 circuits useing 1 switch. this requires a special switch called a double pole single throw switch (this switch is 2 single pole single throw switches (standard light switch) combined). what u will need to do is get this switch and look at the wireing diagram thas on the box to determin which screw 2 connect the hot of 1 circuit and its switchleg 2 (the switches i use the hot and switch leg r on 1 side of the switch for 1 circuit and opset side 4 the other circuit)but check your wireing diagram 2 be sure.

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