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all of the electric outlets on the same circuit breaker all test with 1 light on my outlet tester & should have both lit. the other circuits in the house all light both lights on the tester. what does this mean?

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If I'm correct you are using a standard plug-in tester. If so, it has a diagram on it telling you just what the problem would be when only certain lights light.
If not, here are some options you will need to verify with other types of testing.
Open neutral, open hot, open ground, reverse polarity.
If you need more on this, just email me.
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hello jt,
as dave stated your tester shuld have something telling u what each light means, this is of course assuming that u r useing a standard plugin type tester; most have 3 lights on them. with only 1 light lighting and all others in house lighting 2 i have 2 asume that there is some type of problem on this circuit. if the circuit is working ; ie whin u plug in something electrical it works, then u do not have an open nutural or hot. this leaves only a few items eather the outlets r wired backwords,theres an open ground, or a crossed wire. to determin if the outlets r wired backwords turn off the power 2 this circuit take the recepts out of the wall 1 at a time and look at where the wires r connected. black shuld be on the gold screw and white on the silver and the bare on the green. if they r wired correctly look at your connections in this box, only blacks2 blacks white 2 whites and bares 2 bares(this is asuming that there is no switched outlets), remove wirenuts and check the connections as well. if all is well in the recep boxes them go 2 the panel turn off the MAIN breaker (lugs on main will still be hot)remove the panel cover and make sure that the black for this circuit is under the breaker and all connections r tight in the panel.hope this helps u out

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