Hot Tub Wiring


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I am looking into wiring a used hot tub. In the instructions it says that I need less than 100 feet of wrie between the main service panel and the sub-panel. This isn't possible in this application. I would like to know if it's ok to go over 100', or what I need to do so that this can be done.
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Anything is possible but it would be beneficial to know more about the distance of the run you intend to make. Also, how big is the service on your house?

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hello dan,
what has hapened here is that the voltage drop for the size wire they state in the instructions is maxed out at 100'. what u will need to do is increase your wire size by 1 size this will gaine u some distance. (example if instructions say #12 wire use #10). if u will give me the distance from panel and the amp draw of the tub ill tell u what wire size 2 use.

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