Doorbell transformer installation


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Hi - I'm feeling stoopid! Entire old house was recently rewired. I thought I had everything for doorbell installation. There is a wire from front door to my desired location but no power source for transformer! Do I use the power from an outlet box (jump to another box)?

TIA, Shannon
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Doorbell transformers are usually designed to hang on the outside of an existing electrical box. Mine, for example, resides on the hot side of the box that provides power to my outside lights. The circuit takes virtually no power to run. The key to installation of this transformer is to make it accessible if it needs changing (and they do).

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hello shannon,
smokys right doorbells take verry little power 2 run. what we do whin installing a door bell is find an outlet eather in garage or basement and pull a piece of romex off that outlet to a handy box with a blank cover with a knock out in it if the panel is not axcessabel or outside, if panel is axcessabel we place the transformer with the panel.

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