New Wiring on Appliances


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We re-piped our 75 year old home and are remodeling our kitchen in the process and I need to run lines to install:
1. Dishwasher
2. Garbage Disposal
3. Microwave
4. Gas Range
5. Electric Hot Water Heater
6. Washer
7. Dryer

Any suggestions on where I can find out what type wire to run on these appliances and if any need to be hard wired as well as suggestions on what to be aware of in this project?
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hello brent,
heres what u need to run 4 this,
u need to run 12/2 romex on there own circuits useing a 20amp breaker for Microwave, washer. run 12/2 romex on a 20 amp breaker 4 the dishwasher and disposer both on same circuit (this is aceptabel since the dishwasher and disposer dont normaly run at same time)may be split up if u prefer. pull the range off off 1 of the small aplaince circuits useing 12/2. run 10/3 romex 4 the dryer on a 2 pole 30 amp breaker. now as to the hot water heater the wire size most commonly used is 8/2 the breaker is determined by the size of hot water heater reasion 4 useing #8 is most hot water heaters dont draw more then 50 amps. your heater now may draw less but next 1 may be more then 1 u have now and breakers r easer 2 chainge then wire. use a 2 pole breaker 4 the size heater u have now .
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Thanks. I am assuming that all these can be receptacle/boxes and nothing needs to be hard wired?

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