Outlet replacement confusion


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I'm replacing an ordinary 110v outlet that had poor contacts. I failed to check the wiring positions on the old outlet before removing. There was no ground wire present on the old outlet or in the box, so I powered up the circuit with the wires bare to check if the box was grounded with my tester. My tester lights up when connected to both wires, and when connected to the white wire and the box.

Doesn't this mean my white wire is the hot wire?
Should I connect the outlet with the white wire on the hot side of the outlet?
If it matters, the second wire is gray, not black.

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Black (or gray) should be hot wire and connected to brass colored screw, white (neutral) should be connected to silver-colored screw. Bare wire should be connected to green ground screw. Try that, and then test outlet.
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P.S. Look at your breaker to that outlet circuit, and see which wire is connected to breaker. That should be the hot wire. The other should be connected to neutral/ground bar.
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hello andy,
you have yourself some odd colors there according to the nec code the nutural is to be eather white or natural gray( now your gray might be a dark gray which is just a fadeing of the black). im asuming that u r useing the elcheapo neon tester. i find these r unreliabel, some will pick up any minute amount of current. i recomend u go 2 walmart or simuler store and buy u a cheap multi meter, and test the wires. since u have a gray and white id open up panel and c what is connected to the breaker, this will be your hot, and then connect your recep accordinly gold screw hot and silver nutural.

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