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based on what i've read, my 62 year old house has knob and tube wiring. can i still replace the outlets and switches myself without calling an electrician. i'm just replacing old with new... i'm not adding anything. also what do i do about a ground wire... the outlets and switches do not appear to be grounded? thanks for your help.
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Changing out receptacles and switches is permitted.
However, great care must be made not to move the wires to much.
We usually wrap either with appropriate color of tape, (white for neutral - black for hot) or use shrink wrap on the leads. It does not take much movement to crack and have the insulation fall off. The closer it gets to the box entrance the less likely you will be able to salvage it.
You can do this without an electrician if you know what you are doing.
You can use GFI devices at the head of each circuit with the feeder on the line screws and the load or other devices on that circuit under the load screws. This is acceptable under NEC rules.
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hello claudia,
you can chainge out the recepts but inorder 2 have a ground u have 2 pull new wire. you can put in reg recepts but they will not be grounded. putting in a gfci at the head of the circuit and line loading as david said will provide protection for a ground fault. also be verry carful whin handeling the wires as the insulation is allways brittle i persionaly like 2 use shrink wrap tubing on them.

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