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I have a decorative vase that I want to display in a unique way. I have designed (on paper) a small custom light fixture that will stand behind the vase and shine a small spotlight down onto the vase, the light unit is extremely compact. I'm thinking of making the body from a pliable metal and the shade from metal or handmade paper. Only thing is I don't know how make a lamp.

Can someone tell me what electrical components I need, how they go together, and what safety precautions to be aware of or direct me to another source? Please help.

I may want to reproduce this lamp in a large volume, is this the most practical and least expensive way?
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hello artist999,
u will need some lamp cord, a lamp socket for the bulb u r plaining on useing and somw way of attaching it, a switch and a plug. the lamp cord will be 2 wire 1 side of it is identifed in some way (ridges, stripe flat) you might have 2 look close to tell but it will be diferent in some way. the identified wire is your nutural this goes to the shell of the socket and 2 the large blade of the plug. the hot is your other wire and this goes to the buttion of the socket, small blade of the plug and your switch also goes on this wire. with out seeing the project i cant tell u how to assembel this just what u would need and how 2 wire it up.

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