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In our kitchen we have a panel with two switches. One controls the exhaust fan, the other, the laundry room light. They work fine. But for some reason the outlets in the same panel quit working, as did the one under the counter (in a cupboard) that is used for the stove. We know that the one under there is connected to the one on top. We just don't understand why we had power yesterday and not today.And why the switches work but the outlets don't. Also, the switch wireing has 3 black wires. The outlet side has one black one white and a ground. Hubby checked the circuit breaker. Didn't help at all. Changed the outlets. Still no power. At a loss on this one. Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer.
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Kristina, it sounds like your outlets are (should be!) protected by GFCI outlets. These are required by code in areas where water and electricity are close together. GFCIs will stop the electricity before you get seriously hurt.

Look for a rectangular outlet with two push button switches in the middle. Press the reset.

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