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I am trying to replace an old ceiling fan (I did not see how the old fan was connected). The old fan was installed to a red wire, three white wires twisted together, and a green wire. Inside the box I see a black wire, but nothing was connected to it - I know this because of the wires hanging from my ceiling.

My new fan says to connect green to green, white to white (so far, so good), but then says to connect the blue and black on the fan to the black on the ceiling. Well, my black wasn't being used, the red was. So what do I connect to? Do I connect both the black and blue wires from the fan to the red ceiling wire, or to the black, or both?

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What they are really saying is to connect it to the wire that is serving that fixture connection - which in your case the the red wire.
You might want to check the black to see if it is a hot wire. I suspect it might be.
If so, you might want to consider connecting the fan which is the black of the fan to it, and the black/blue to the red. This way your light is controlled by the switch and the fan can be controlled independantly by the chain all fans now come with.
If the black is another switch leg, you can still do the above.
If it is nothing at the moment, then connect both fan wires to the red.
Hope this does not confuse you.
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hello moleary,
with a white black and a red in your celling box some 1 was smart enough to wire it for future use of indpendinetly switching the fan and lights (eather fan by wall controlled switch or pull chain on fan). hers what u need to do. if your switch box is a single box 1 switch and no room 4 another open it up and c if there s a black wire NOT connected to anything. if so u need to get yourself a stack switch (switch with 2 switches 1 on top of other)connect the red to 1 switch and black thats not connected to other switch and the black thats on present switch to the common screw (check the wireing diagram thats comes with switch 4 proper screws). if u have 2 switches chanses r that its allready wired to have the black in the light controled by this switch. if u have a 2 gang box with 1 switch then just install another switch connecting the loose balck 2 the new switch and pigtailing (small piece of wire around 7" wirenutted together with 1 end loose) the black thats on present switch and connect it to other screw of new switch and present switch (u need 2 pigtails). if there is no loose black in switch box then test black in light 2 c if its a full time hot. now in your light connect green to green, white to white fan black to black and red to blue. wire same way for a switched or full time hot black in light box

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