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Hello all,
I am seeking confirmation on a circuit change & addition. I am doing a total kitchen remodel and going to require more outlets. (Home was built in late 1960's and hasn't had one bit of updating since!) Currently (in the kitchen), on one circuit, there are 5 outlets and the range hood. 3 outlets are located along countertop space and miscellaneous things are plugged into them (toaster, microwave, etc.); the (gas) oven is plugged into one (located behind the oven) and one is open (located above the oven and only used sometimes).
What I would like to do: split this circuit into two circuits. On one circuit, I want to add 1 outlet along the countertop space and a few (2-3) more for lighting for underneath the wall cabinets. That would bring the total oulets on that circuit to 6-7. (Question #1) Is this acceptable?
The oulets on the other circuit would be: 1 behind the oven, 1 above the oven and the range hood. The additions I would like to make to this circuit are: 1 outlet - located under the sink for a disposer and 1 oulet -above the range hood (I wish to relocate the microwave to above the rangehood). This would bring the total outlets on this circuit to 4. (The disposer, the oven and the microwave would be plugged into 3 of the 4 outlets with one being open. The range hood would also be wired into this circuit.
(Question #2) Is this acceptable?

I know this was long winded but I wanted to give as much detail as I could - I figured it might provide for a better answer :-)

Thanks for reading,
Atlanta, GA
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hello scott,
the code mandates at LEAST 2 20 amp small applince circuits in a kitchen, this is addition 2 any others that may be present (ie disposer lighting ect . here is what i recomend u do. put all your outlets in the kitchen on 2 circuits,EXCLUDING the following microwave disposer dishwasher, these need 2 be on there own circuit. also the code states that no point along a countertop space may excead 2' between outlets. what this actually means is that every 4 feet there must be a outlet. if your house is like mine this is not colse to enough outlets more r better then not enough i have an outlet every 2' along my countertop. check with your local building inspector and hell stear u in proper direction

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