Outdoor wiring underground

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Outdoor wiring underground

Two questions for everyone. 1st, I'm running an electrtical circuit for a 15 amp, 115 v swimming pool pump. The run will be about 50 - 60 feet from the panel. I'm running the wire underground in gray sch 40 rigid PVC approved for above and below ground installs. The question is what is the difference between the gray and regular white sch 40 PVC? Can I run part of my wire run through some white PVC that I already have under concrete? 2nd, I'm running 14G wire, is that sufficient for my lenth of run?
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Talking Gray schedule 40 is way to go

I had to do the similar thing when I wired up my jacuzzi in my backyard. By the code, you're required to use gray schedule 40 PVC pipe for the wet location. It doesn't mean that white PVC won't work, it just won't pass inspection.
My choices will be:

1. I'll run gray schedule 40 for the total run.
2. I'll use gray schedule 40 for the underground portion of the run
and run a rigid AL conduit the rest of the run.

I spent little extra and ran an AL conduit, and I'm happy that I did.

For your second question, 14 AWG should be sufficient for 40-50' run; of course if Wg and JN concur. 14-3 & GFCI will be the best.
Good luck.
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There are a lot of special wiring Code requirments concerning pools. Example

Any motor, light or anything else including any sub panels must be served with an insulated eqiupment grounding conductor that is sized a minimum of 12 awg copper.

Plumbing pipe white or not is forbidden from use for electrical work. You must use conduit PVC sch 40 as a minimum and sch 80 PVC where subject to physical damage listed and labeled as electrical conduit concerning any electrical wiring projects.

You must bury PVC conduit a minimmum of 18" deep in a residential setting unless that conduit contains a branch circuit that is GFI protected at its source and then the minimum depth of the trench must be no less than 12" deep.

YOu are forbidden to share a branch circuit that serves a pool underwater light with anything at all.

IF you install metal conduit exposed in that pool area you have the same as a non current carrying metal and it must be included in what is called a bonding grid consisting of a 8 awg copper conductor connecting any piece of noncurrent carrying metal parts within 5' of that pool together as one entity with the source of that bonding grid 8 awg copper wire being the metal shell of the pool itself. No ground rods are to be installed in the make up of that bonding grid and the bonding grid is not supposed to be connected to the equipment grounding electrical system other than incidental connections within a motor or lighitng shell.

Below is a link to pools. YOu will need to pick between the above ground article and the inground article pertaining to a self help article on pools.


Good Luck

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WG was polite. I will not be. A pool wiring is NOT a DIY project.

How much is your kids life worth?

Grounding and bonding is something most electicians do not understand yet homeowners.

I am not tring to insult you.

Please have an electrician look at this.


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