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I'm in the process of building a loft conversion, Ive finished the staircase,
now I need to wire in a two way switch circuit for the lighting, I'm unsure of the correct connections so would be grateful for any advice.
Thanks Richie
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I am sure that Sparky will agree with me on this one:
(1) Find a definite 120 volt source
(2) wire 14 AWG )AWG-2 w/ground to a box in the ceiling. Close to the fixture.

Cosider that you have a light and you will bring the power to the light in the box in the ceiling. The light has a black and white wire.

(3) Run a piece of 14-2 from the box to the switch and put the end of the cable in the same box in the ceiling. In short, run it to two places and leave it hang for a minute.
(4) Install the switch.. The cable coming to the switch is Black and White. Hook the black wire to one side of the switch and hoot the white wire to the other side of the switch.
(5) In the box in the ceiling, hook incoming voltage (black) to the black on the switch wire. Wire nut and tape the wire nut with electrical tap.
(6) Connect the white wire from the switch to the black wire on the lamp. Wire nut and cover with black electric tape..
(7) Incoming white wire (from source) and white wire to fixture: twist together using a wire nut and tape the wire nut when done.

Now, what you have done is place the fixture in the ceiling. The switch connection will turn the fixture on and off. The neutral (or white wire) makes absolute contact.

And. that is how you wire the light.


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sounds good 2 me for a light with poer in it and not in switch box. if its easer to get power into the switch box follow these instructions.
1) pull 14\2 w ground or 12/2 with ground r into switch box (power)....14 if its pulled from a 15 amp and 12 if a 20 amp circuit
2)pullsame wire size too light (switchleg)
3)in switch box connect the 2 blacks to the switch wire nut the 2 whites together and the 2 bares together
4)in light connect the black from switch 2 black from light and white from switch 2 white from light, bare to the green or bare.
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One correction regarding Smokey's explanation.
One should never, ever feed a deadend switch with a colored wire. You always feed by making the white hot so that in turn your switch leg is colored.
Problem, otherwise you will have two whites at the fixture, one hot, one neutral. Chances are someone will make a mistake. That is why the NEC code is there, for safety.

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