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I have purchased an old chandalier, it has five sconces on it and has obviously been re-wired with new wire. The wire is all black, one side is ribbed the other plain. I have already attatched the fixyure and fished the wire throughm to an existing switch. The switch box has two flick switches, one to an outside light, the other to an outlet. How do I connect the chandalier to the power source and not blow up the house? which side is nuetral/hot?
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hello Preacher,
chanses r that the ribed wire is the nutural.
electricely speaking it makes no diference whin hooking up a light which wire goes where on incadesent lights it does on floresent lights. if u were 2 hook up the incadesent light back words it would still light, all that would hapen is the shell would become the hot and if u chainged a light bulb with switch on there is a chance u could get zaped, normaly the shell is the nutural. so if u want to be absulatly sure which wire is which take apart 1 of the sockets and c which wire is attached to the buttion in the bottom of the socket this will be your hot. now u want to connect the hot to the black wire in the light box and nutural to the white.

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