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My problem is that since last summer my house's powers has been surging in the bathroom and laundryroom; and the lights in the rest of the house would go dim and the fans would slow down. This would happen at the same time as each other, the bath and the laundry room lights stay bright and in the rest of the house thights will stay dim or nearly go off for a sec. For the last few months ( 4 to 5) its been working fine .....no problems untill to day.

Today the electric company had a lil problem and 350 feet of cable caught fire..So my house was with out power for about 6 hours. When they cut the power back on my bath and laundry room had no power well i think i fixed that, i tightened up one of the legs on the master breaker to the house coming from the pole, and it came on. but 2 hours later the house started surging again in the same way it did before. i decided to check the voltage on each leg. I started in the house at the breaker box, the left leg (black) was 135-143V and the right side (white) was 92-101V....strange huh? So I went to the pole where i have to circutes; 1 goes to my house breaker box and the other to my pourch and cloths drier, where since i've had these problems i've had to hook my fridge and computer to. whe leads comeing for the electric company are reading good and my other circute is working fine. so i checked the legs of my power going to my house breaker box from the breaker on the pole and they read fine.....but it reads one leg 140v and the other 90ish in the house. But when i test the legs in the house together i get a good reading of 243V.

Plezzzzz help.

p.s. also when u put somekind of load on the bathroom, like a microwave it will switch the power increase and decrease around so that the leg that the rest of the house is on becomes 140+ volts and the bath and laundry room 90ish...


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Sounds like power company's problem to me. Whadaa you think, Sprky? LOL

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hello etex,
from he info in your post id have 2 say its the power companeys problem,with readings in the 130 rainge thats 2 high, and 1 in the 90's this is 2 low. call the power company and tell them u r getting power surges and believe its in there lines and you want them to come out and check it out.

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