adding a switch to a pull cord light


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My house is older and I have a light fixture that has a pull cord. I want to add a switch and replace the fixture with a new style light. How do I wire the switch into the light?
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Use the appropriate size wire, in your case in all probability it is 15 amp or #14.
Use a 14/2 wire from the current fixure box and run it to your switch box. Put both wires on the switch terminals. If the switch has a ground terminal put the ground wire on it as well as a pigtail to the box, if a metal box.
If it is a plastic variety, and the switch has no terminal, simply fold the wire into the box.
On the other end, your current fixture box.
Make sure your power is off. then attach the black wire of the current fixture lead to the white wire that you just installed.
The black wire of your newly installed switch run becomes the switch leg and will be attached to the fixture, black wire.
Your neutral is not changed or touched and will be attached to the white fixture lead.
The ground that is in the new wire, make sure it is attached to the ground wire or box.
If you want to check your work before hanging the fixture, just make sure the two leads are free, not touching anything and turn your power on. Turn the switch on and you should have 110v reading between the two fixture leads. If all correct, turn the switch off and hang fixture.
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hello SteverP,
heres what u need 2 do. if the breaker that this light is on is a 15 amp use #14/2 romex if its a 20 amp then use #12/2 romex. install your switch box and take romex between light and switch box. in the switch box connect the black and the white wires to your switch and bare to the green screw if present, as well as 2 the box if metal. in light box connect white of new romex to the black of existing with a wirenut, connect the white of existing to the white of new light, and black of new to black of new light with wirenuts, and bare to the green on new light or bare on new light as well as to the other bares in the box.
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Thanks guys,

That's what I thought, I just wanted to make sure. Again, thanks for the help.


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